Augmented Soldier Chair doctoral students honored at Science Day

Two teams of Saint-Cyr students supervised by doctoral students from the Augmented Soldier in the Digital Battlespace Chair were awarded prizes at the Saint-Cyr Coëtquidan Schools’ Science Day on May 23, 2019.

This event sponsored this year by MBDA brings together Saint-Cyr students in working groups on defense topics.

The 1st prize in the Engineering Sciences stream was awarded to the project “Inertial parameters of the soldier and the backpack: effect on locomotion”, supervised by Pierre Puchaud, a doctoral student of the Chair working on the development of a generic musculoskeletal model of the soldier.

The 1st prize in the Mechanics major was awarded to the project “Amélioration de la résistance à l’impact de matériel embarqué par le fantassin et application aux matériaux obtenus par impression 3D” (Improvement of the impact resistance of equipment carried by the infantryman and application to materials obtained by 3D printing), supervised by Morwan Adlafi, a doctoral student at the Chair working on the dynamic behavior of architectural metallic materials obtained by additive manufacturing. Translated with (free version)

The Saint-Cyr Foundation is very proud to count them among the team of the Chair Augmented Soldier in the digital battlespace