Saint-Cyr Foundation Awards Ceremony

The Saint-Cyr Foundation prize rewards the research work of trainee officers at the Ecole de Guerre Terre.

For the first time, the Saint-Cyr Foundation will reward trainee officers of the Ecole de Guerre Terre for their research thesis during an event called “Incuba’Terre”.

The Saint-Cyr Foundation will distinguish three trainee officers for research theses, whose quality contributes to innovation, reflection and research in a field of interest to the Army.

The “Saint-Cyr Foundation Prize” is awarded to the two best research papers by a French trainee officer.

The “Saint-Cyr Foundation Special Prize” is awarded to the best research paper by an allied officer trainee.

The prizes will be awarded by the Saint-Cyr Foundation at the close of the research paper week, on June 16, 2021, during a ceremony presided over by an Army authority and the Chairman of the Saint-Cyr Foundation Board of Directors.